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Welcome to my website. I'm Sue Holladay.

Sue Holladay

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Sue Holladay

Welcome, I'm Sue Holladay

The Alexander Technique was a wow for me in 1969. I had always been tense and tried too hard to get everything right. I came to it from professional music, being a violinist, and even after a few weeks of lessons in the Technique my playing had improved immensely. I was so inspired by the teachings, which altered my way of thinking about how I could get the results I was striving for that I trained, qualifying and becoming a member of STAT in 1973. I continue to be glad I have done so to this day and find great joy in helping people to overcome difficulties. Read more...

What is Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is an education in movement and balance. The emphasis is on unity of body and mind. Through mental attention, you learn to change your reactions to everyday life, which otherwise intensify the stresses of living. The guiding principle of its founder, F.M. Alexander, is ‘conscious control’. This depends first on stopping habitual reactions, and then on replacing them by more appropriate responses. The postural relationship between the head and neck is of utmost importance in order to develop ‘good use’—a good energy flow through the self. Read more...