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With the Alexander Technique your whole outlook can change: as your co-ordination improves, you become more responsive and calmer.

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What is Alexander Technique?

Susan Holladay Teaching

Movement and Balance

The Alexander Technique is an education in movement and balance. The emphasis is on unity of body and mind. Through mental attention, you learn to change your reactions to everyday life, which otherwise intensify the stresses of living. The guiding principle of its founder, F.M. Alexander, is ‘conscious control’. This depends first on stopping habitual reactions, and then on replacing them by more appropriate responses. The postural relationship between the head and neck is of utmost importance in order to develop ‘good use’—a good energy flow through the self.

Alexander’s discoveries have been supported by recent scientific research and other studies on nerve-muscle responses.

Many people attend for lessons when in pain and use it successfully to relieve illness and suffering. But its best application is for those who wish to improve their physical, mental and spiritual presence. For this reason the Technique is learned by students of music and drama, by practitioners of yoga and meditation and by athletes—all of whom depend on a high standard of mind-body-spirit coordination.

Susan Holladay Teaching

A new look at Medical Problems

Functional medical problems respond well to Alexander training, since they often stem from inappropriate reactions to the stresses and strains of life. These feed immediately into the muscular system, putting the body out of alignment and compressing joints and internal organs.

To compound the problem, our society emphasizes the expenditure of effort, rather than what is achieved. Often, we no longer notice whether the degree of force we use is appropriate to the situation. When we bring force to a task we also force ourselves. The body is subjected to unnatural compression, which Alexander teachers call ‘pulling down’. We do not sense this excessive force, or where our bodies are storing the tensions.

Changing your Outlook

With the Alexander Technique your whole outlook can change: as your co-ordination improves, you become more responsive and calmer. People are often astonished to recognize the extent of their over-exertion, which reduces potential and may even cause harm. When you are released from this over-exertion, you feel light and free.

It is a subtle and thoughtful discipline, but essentially practical and problem-solving. It works through re-establishing the natural relationship between the head, the neck and the back - the "core" of the body that supports the strength of the limbs and which provides the structural environment for breathing and for the internal organs

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Your Lessons

Your lessons will be taken individually and last 45 minutes. The process involves kinaesthetic learning as you are gently guided through how to make everyday movements in a new way. The language of the Technique talks of release and undoing. Your part is to remember to pause and consider how you can let go. The potential for you is to gain more physical ease and a greater sense of psychological well-being.