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Sue Holladay

Playing with Posture

Playing with Posture is a book I have been drawn to write since working with children in school. It aims to set out the Alexander Technique in a straightforward way, yet include the reader's imagination. To quote from the foreward by Alison Edwards:

'The book excels at communicating the essence of the Alexander Technique in such a way that is very readable and also highly kinaesthetic. Sue brings to this work the same quality of lightness of being, playfulness and delight that I experienced from her teaching when I began my own journey with Alexander Technique some 12 years ago.

'The book is relevant to the individual who wishes to gain an understanding of the Technique perhaps before embarking on lessons and is also highly relevant for parents and carers of children. Its scope is sufficiently broad to be a manual for parenting.

'The author brings to this work the unique combination of the authority of a teacher who has a wealth and depth of experience in many different contexts, and a compassionate understanding of the human condition. Sue's commonsense style is refreshing and her message is ultimately uplifting and inspiring.'

Playing with Posture-Positive child development using the Alexander Technique

Published by HITE 2012